Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks Review: Quick Reactions to the Offense

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I have to wonder whether seeing Drew Pearson get inducted into the Ring of Honor had a significant impact on Dez.

– In my preview of this game, I made fun of Dez a bit for his comments last week that he promised not to change his personality.  I suggested that there were a lot of other things I would rather him make promises about (click here to read that).  I have a promise to add to the list after his play this week.  I am not talking about the fumble; fumbles will happen from time to time when you are always fighting for extra yardage and refusing to go to the ground like Dez does, but the punt return that he fielded inside the 10 that resulted in the Cowboys being pinned in close to their own goal line should not be tolerated.  Perhaps Dez should forget about his personality and say something like:

“I promise that before every play I will think about the game situation and where I am on the field.”

Dez, via Rob Phillips at DC.com, offered the following explanation:

“To tell the truth, I got lost. I didn’t recognize where I was on the field,” Bryant told reporters. “When I caught the ball, I was like, ‘Damn, I’m almost in the end zone.’ I tried to make something happen, but I didn’t. Just a bad play.”

– I like Dez, and I think he is going to be a tremendous asset to this team for a long time, but I also think he still has a lot to learn about being a professional WR for the most visible sports team in the country.

– The offense has not solved its short-yardage problems.

– And lastly, they did not exactly make anyone forget about their redzone problems.  Thank goodness that Dan Bailey is so consistent.

– One other thing I noticed: no one has taken me up on my offer to participate in this article.  I try to punch out a quick reaction to the game on Monday or Tuesday every week.  I asked you, the LH readers, for submissions, but nobody has emailed me.  If you are interested in participating in my weekly review of the games, click here to read about the guidelines.

I will try to get my observations about the defense out soon, so there is still time to make submissions.

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