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Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks Review: Quick Reactions to the Offense

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Disclaimer: I have only watched the game once at this point, so there are probably many mistakes in what I think I saw.

It is getting more and more difficult to tolerate discussions that use the word "fluke".

Some of the things I noticed during the Seahawks game about the offense:

-  Romo looked pretty sharp; he looked much better than he has in a month or so.  I am starting to think that the injury to his ribs was bothering him more than we expected.  I also think that the success of Murray has taken a lot pressure off Romo in at least 2 ways: first, if defenses respect your ability to run the ball, they can not blitz as often, nor can they simply ‘pin their ears back’ and go after the passer; second, Romo realizes that he doesn’t have the win every game with his arm, they can move the ball and score points on the ground.

-  DeMarco Murray looks more and more like the real deal.  He is averaging an amazing 6.7 yards a carry.  He has not fumbled the ball yet.  He has over 500 yards rushing.  He looked great in the 4th quarter even though he had carried more than 20 times.  If he keeps this up for a few more weeks, he will start generating some talk about Offensive Rookie of the Year.  From what I saw, he didn’t screw up on any blitz pick-ups.  He is starting to look like a bona fide starting RB.  (Hey, Skip Bayless, how do you like them apples?)

Click on the link to read the rest of the observations about the offense.

He added a significant boost to the running game.

- The Cowboys running game finally started to attack the edges on a consistent basis using tosses, sweeps, and stretches.  I have suggested in the past that this OL is athletic and agile, but it lacks size and power, so it seems destined to be based around a running game that hits the edges rather than try to blast through the Tackles.  Murray had 22 carries against the Seahawks; I counted less than 5 attempts that looked like they were designed to go right up the middle.  The strange thing is that 2 of those 4-5 carries resulted in two of his longest rushes of the day.

- Did anyone else notice how quickly the commentator started talking about Murray’s “patience and vision”, or how often he repeated that ‘observation’?  If so, did you remember that our weekly preview articles have been arguing that Murray’s patience and vision were his most impressive traits since the Rams game?  I think that the articles here at The Landry Hat are being read by some of the commentators as part of their weekly preparation for covering the Cowboys.

- Murray also added almost 50 yards receiving on 4 catches.  I think he may have dropped one easy catch, but that may have been a previous game.

- The best thing about the development of Murray is that it allows Garrett to use Felix Jones the way he should be used: sparingly as a change of pace back.  Perhaps if he is utilized in a reduced role specifically designed for him, we will see the dynamic and explosive Felix we saw in his first two years.

- Ogletree fielded a kickoff deep in the endzone and brought it out only to be tackled at the 12! Hopefully we will see Jones returning kickoffs again soon.

- Tony Fiammetta is the best blocking FB the Cowboys have had since Daryl Johnston.  I have still only watched the game once, but it looked to me like he was moving the first body he met out of the hole on almost every play. It is not a coincidence that the Cowboys running game improved drastically once Fiammetta returned to the line-up.

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