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Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks Preview: Offense

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He was the only other offensive player who played well last week.

Will DeMarco Murray continue to look like a starter?

I am starting to think that Felix Jones may become the ‘change-of-pace’ back that he was drafted to be. Jones has had a difficult time staying healthy, so they need to find someone more reliable as their chief ball carrier. More importantly, it seems to me that Jones played his best football in his rookie and sophomore campaigns when he was used more sparingly.

The decision to release Tashard Choice certainly suggests that Garrett has faith and confidence in Murray. (I feel terrible for Choice; I think he loved being a Dallas Cowboy, and now he has to play for the Skins. I wish him the best of luck whenever he is not playing the Cowboys.)

Murray looked solid again against the Eagles. It wasn’t so much that he looked like a superstar as that he made the most of what was available to him, he ran hard, and he didn’t make any mistakes. The best thing that I have seen from Murray is that he appears to have excellent vision, which is arguably the most important skill for someone who has the basic physical skills to be a RB in the NFL.

One thing that often gets lost in the discussion about the Cowboys running backs is that the overall performance of the OL line is a far more important issue than who is carrying the ball. It is no secret that the OL has not played well so far this year: in the first couple games they were completely incapable of opening any holes for the backs, and at other times they have been unable to give Romo enough time to throw the ball. The good news is that, because they are inexperienced and haven’t played together very much, they should continue to get better,

If there is one thing that the Seahawks do well, it is stop the run. They are surrendering a league leading 3.2 yards per carry over their first 7 games. If Murray can be successful against such a stingy defense, it may solidify his position as the lead runner.

I will be watching to see whether they try to get Murray out on the edges. How often will we see sweeps, tosses, screens, pulling guards, and stretch-runs?

Can Murray continue to have the patience and vision required to make the most of the few blocks the OL is able to make?

Will Dockery, if he plays, give them a boost in the running game?

Click on the link to read what I will be watching for on the OL.

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