Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks Preview: Offense

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One of the lone bright spots for the offense last week.


As the Dallas Cowboys prepare to play the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday, the phrase “must-win” is being used an awful lot. I think the Cowboys do need to win this game, not because of their record or the number of games they trail the division leader, but because Seattle is not a very good team: if you can not defeat below average teams at home, you have no business going to the playoffs. In addition, the offense needs to play well if they want to convince anyone that last week’s impotency was a fluke.

As I mentioned in my preview of the defense, I watched the Seahawks vs Bengals game as preparation for this week. I haven’t watched a Seahawks game since the last time they played the Cowboys, so all of my observations are based on that one game.

Click on the link to read my observations about the Seattle defense.

Many have argued that the Seahawk's took him too high in the draft.

As I watched the Seattle vs Cinci game, I noticed the following:

– The Seahawks run a pretty conventional 4-3 defense.

– They have some big boys in their secondary. The two starting corners like to jam receivers and play physically. Everyone in the secondary likes to hit.

– The Bengals were fairly successful attacking the edges of the Seahawk defense in the running game. Some times the Bengals called sweeps and tosses, on other occasions the ball carrier started between the Tackles, but was able to bounce it out around the DE.

– At times, the Seahawks were able to get significant pressure on Dalton; the Bengals OL was flagged for holding at least twice, and Dalton was forced to unload the ball fairly quickly

– The Seahawks will occasionally bring their DB’s on blitzes. At least one of them sacked Dalton.

– Earl Thomas, their starting FS, will line up in the box or close to the line of scrimmage an awful lot.

Click on the link to read what I will be watching for on offense this week.

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