Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Quick Reactions

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One of the few players who played well.

I don’t remember the last time the Cowboys were losing and I was hoping that the game would end. I was so relieved when that game ended. It just seemed like the Eagles would drive the field every time they got the ball. I think they only had to punt twice all day, and their first punt didn’t come until the fourth quarter.

The worst part of this loss was not being humiliated in prime time, or the fact that it was against the most loathed of all rivals; no, the worst part is that we no longer know who this team is.  Are they the team that should have beat the Patriots in Foxboro, or the team that got spanked by the Eagles?

Anyway, I learned a lot from the loss. I slagged a bunch of Eagles this week, so I should start by eating the crow I made for myself.

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Things I learned about the Eagles:

- LeSean McCoy is much better than I thought, and better than I gave him credit for. He really looks like the complete package as a full-time RB. I thought the Cowboys could contain him; they didn’t even come close.

- Vick is a better pocket passer when he has time than I thought he would be. He was able to lead several sustained drives around 10 plays, which is something I didn’t think he could do. He stayed in the pocket and hit receivers over the middle all day long.

- The Eagles don’t need big plays from Jackson or Maclin to score tons of points.

- Juan Castillo is capable, contrary to my previous belief, of putting together a decent game-plan. Although, scoring a TD on your first few drives will make it easier and easier to play effective defense.

Click on the link to see what I learned about the Boys.

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