Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Preview: Defense

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I did not want to see him go, but at least there is no threat of this happening again.

If the Dallas Cowboys are going to beat the Philadelphia Eagles this week, they will need another strong showing from the defense.  Rob Ryan’s defense can change significantly from week to week.  It seems that there is much more pre-snap movement and exotic packages against the better offenses (Patriots) than against teams like the Rams.  The reason may be that it is possible to neutralize some offenses (Rams) by simply playing good sound defense, while other offenses (Patriots) can only be slowed down through deception and confusion.  My hunch is that this week we will see more of the latter (massive substitutions, lots of pre-snap movement, unusual formations, strange looking alignments etc.)against the Eagles.

Click on the link to read the questions I will be trying to answer as I watch the game this week.

Will we see Bruce Carter do anything other than play special teams?

He soon can he make an impact?

Given the recent release of RB Tashard Choice, the first thing that comes to mind about this week’s game is Bruce Carter.  He was activated for Sunday’s game.  Carter is this year’s second round pick who hasn’t played football since he injured his knee in his senior year of college.  Rob Ryan is known for having an uncanny ability to find ways to use the peculiar talents of all his players.  Bruce Carter is both fast and quick for a player his size.  It would not be surprising to see Carter play  a few snaps on defense.

I will be watching to see if he can be a play-maker on special teams.

I will also be anxiously watching to see what he is asked to do if he plays in any of the regular defensive packages.




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