Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles Preview

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I wonder how many Cowboy fans still think we should have drafted him?


I used to think that Cowboy fans were unusually, and unjustifiably, negative and critical about their team when they played poorly, but then I read this article on the Philly website about Casey Matthew’s tweet that he was going to the movies to see Paranormal 3:

No lie, I was going to go through this without making a joke, but there’s just too many good possibilities to pass up. And it’s been a while since we’ve gotten to pick on Casey.I can’t use the best ones because this is a family website, so let’s go with something like:“I wonder if he shied away from the screen during the scary parts like he shies away from ball carriers.”“Paranormal Activity 3–even scarier than Casey Matthews running your defense.”“An appropriate film for Matthews to see, given that he was a ghost on the field this season.”

One last storyline: Rob Ryan commented in the summer that the Eagles were the “All-Hype Team” and the Boys would “kick their asses”. If you remember, Michael Vick was angry at the time and responded to Rob Ryan on twitter and in interviews. When asked about Ryan’s comments this week, Vick changed his tune dramatically: he said it “didn’t bother him at all”. I have to wonder whether time heals all wounds, or whether Vick is just a little less cocky now that the Eagles are off to a 2-4 start.  Either way, I believe that the men on the defense love playing for Ryan, I expect them to play their asses off trying to validate his confidence in them.

I will follow up on Friday with my thoughts on the game itself.

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