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Cowboys vs. Eagles: Your Fantasy Forecast

By Greg Bailey: Who has a better Cheese Steak sandwich? Who gives a crap? We’re talking football and so far the “Dream Team” has been a huge disappointment, well not for Dallas FANS!!! The Phili eating, booing fans, no-class wannabes are in for a huge wake up call….and just not for this week.

Perhaps we found a running back for the future. I just don’t know if it is Murray. I hope so, but the facts are we need to do it on a consistent basis before I jump on the band wagon. Murray was a surprise and whether it was a fluke or not, he still beat out Tony Dorsett’s record. OUCH!!!

Here is my Fantasy Forecast:


DAL: T. Romo – 225 yds, 2 TDs, 1 Int

Phili: M. Vick – 200 yds, 1 TDs; Rushing 80 yds, 1 TD

Running Backs:

DAL: D. Murray– 100 yds total 2 TDs

Phili: L. McCoy – 140 Total yards, 1 TDs

Wide Receivers:

Dal: M. Austin – 5 / 60 yds, 1 TD

Dal: D. Bryant – 6 / 65 yds, 1 TD

Dal: J. Witten – 8 / 90 yds, 1 TD

Phili: D. Jackson 5 / 70 yds 1 TD

Phili: J. Maclin – 5 / 60 yds 0 TD

Phili: – 3 / 35, 0 TD


Dal: D. Bailey – 4 FG / 3 XPs

Phili: A. Henery – 3 FG / 3 XPs

GAME PREDICTION: Dallas should have the upper hand because the Dream Team is only Dreaming: Phili 27 – DAL 37

The Passing game favors Phili. It’s tight, but you have to give Phili CBs a little respect from past performance. – Advantage Dallas

The running attack will be a close call. We can’t crown Murray as the rookie of the year based on what he did in one week. McCoy is a dual threat in the passing game and running game. Let’s not let D. Jackson beat us. – Advantage Push

The Cowboys have Miles and Dez back in good health. Phili has Maclin and Jackson….wow, 4 pretty good receivers. This will be Witten’s game. – Advantage Dallas

Kickers – Dan Bailey has been accurate. – Advantage Dallas

Who will be the fantasy stud this week?

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