IPCQ: Week 7, Dallas Cowboys VS St Louis Rams. Who got rammed?

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Yeah, Dez dropped an easy touchdown catch. And then he dropped an opportunity on the very next play. But he’s still young, and it’s hard to argue that his positives do not outweigh a few drops every now and then. Just be glad that he didn’t drop touchdown passes in a more important game against a division rival. That is another positive about playing a pony team like the Rams. You can get those drops out of the way. The next game happens to be against Philly.Hey Dez. No drops. Pretty please?

When the 3rd quarter rolled around, a most disturbing event took place. My precious Tashard “The Wombat” Choice fumbled the ball. On a day when a rookie running back had a break out game in which he broke a Cowboys single game rushing record, Choice could not afford to lower his stock any. All Philip Tanner has to do is hold on to the damn ball now and Choice may be gone. When you get an opportunity in the NFL, you have to run with it. Choice DID run with it, but then he fumbled it. And now he may find himself in the worst position in the NFL: Running back for the Arizona Cardinals. I’m kidding, that wouldn’t be the worst position in the NFL. The WORST position would be Peyton Manning’s back-up because you’re the guy that has to reveal to the world that the Colt’s coach sucks and Peyton has been running that team for years. Oops, I tangented. My apologies. Let’s us continue on the designated trail.

I realize that everyone is excited about Murray, and you should be! But in the 4th quarter, Tanner showed us what was really going on. Our offensive line was beating their defensive line. Tanner looks good running the ball. He reminds me of a Michael Turner style of back. Is he the next Michael Turner? I’d say hell no, but I can not disprove it. I’m simply saying that he has a nice downhill running style, and he seems to take care of the football well. However, my original point is that our offensive line was succeeding, and that can play tricks on your opinions of running backs. Let’s see DeMarco some more before we allow my nips to harden into glass cutting mode.

I can’t believe that I am doing this, but I am going to reference Taylor Swift TWICE in my article. Did anyone else notice that FOX chose to play “You Belong With Me” after the Philip Tanner touchdown run? Are they trying to mess with us? My only explanation is that maybe the director of the broadcast has a crush on Philip Tanner and was trying to send a message about his or her secret crush on poor Philip. And, for the record, I prefer to imagine it as a guy who looks like Chris Farley in those Zaggats skits. Ravioli? Holy cannoli!

Lastly, and certainly not firstly, I would like to say that DeMarcus Ware is an absolute badass. He is a game changer. He can alter and entire offensive game plan. He can single handedly destroy every ounce of a quarterback’s comfort level. He is the type of player that, even if he were to record zero stats in the game, leaves you with absolutely no doubt in your mind that he gave 100% every play and had a powerful effect on the contest. If you ever record the game, or just want to watch a game in a different way, then watch him on every play. You do NOT want to be the man trying to block Ware. You can slow him down. You can even flat out stop him from time to time. But you will NEVER get a break, and he will at some point let his presence be known. I love DeMarcus Ware and I am going to ask him to marry me on January the 15th. Wait, is gay marriage legal yet? Whatever, we’ll just buy rings and move in with each other. Isn’t that how life partners cheat the system? Power to the people. Anarchy. The only problem that I see us having is on our first night together when we’re arguing over who gets to be the “man”. Since I will undoubtedly lose any physical altercation (I would get raped), then I would be forced to jump out of the window. Cross your fingers for me that he honors coin tosses.

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