An Open Letter To Cowboys Fans: Expect NOTHING

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That’s where y’all come in. I am doing this for your own good. Do NOT trust the Cowboys today. Do NOT set your hearts on a 20-point win. I know A.J. Feeley is playing quarterback, I know the Rams are horrible, and I know the Cowboys are due for a good game from start to finish. For your own sake, do NOT expect anything great today. I predicted a 19-point win in my entry to The Landry Hat official prediction column. I have seen the error in my ways. That is wishful thinking at its finest.  I was all set to be disappointed in anything but a ridiculous win that this pass-happy team is incapable of delivering. To make it worse, the players are lying to you. Dez Bryant says his 2-3 Cowboys are “unbeatable.” DeMarcus Ware says he and the team are not desperate.

“Desperate for what,” Ware asks. “You’re motivated to get some wins. You can’t be desperate with a 16-game season. We lost these three games within [11] points. What is it to be desperate about when you have a great team and you have everything in place? But you’re just not closing and you just have to figure out how to close it to get that bad taste out of your mouth.”

This team is anything but grounded. A 2-3 team at home, who will play a division foe on Sunday Night football next weekend in a much-needed win ought to be desperate. They ought to know by now that they are not unbeatable. You may ask, ‘what do you expect them to say?’ How about nothing? How about focus on defeating the Rams and learning as much as possible in that game? How about finding a running game? How about knowing that good teams are well-rounded and do not give away ball games like candy on Halloween?

The Cowboys SHOULD win the ball game, and they should win it by a large margin. They should also be 4-1 right now, but they are not well-rounded enough to avoid giving away games. I want to believe every bit as much as you fellow fans. Eventually, we have to stop believing the girl that keeps cheating on us.

Do not do it to yourself Cowboys fans.  You have been warned.

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