Dallas Cowboys vs. New England Patriots Preview: Offense

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When the Dallas Cowboys face the New England Patriots this Sunday, all eyes will be on Tony Romo.

Expect him to play like he has something to prove.

1.  Can Tony Romo bounce back from the colossal meltdown against Detroit?

As I have written previously, I believe that the loss to Detroit had a profound impact on Romo (click here to read that article).  Moreover, Romo has established a history of playing extremely well in the week following a poor performance.  The key for Romo, as with any QB, is having enough time to progress through his reads.  The Patriots have amassed a paltry 8 sacks so far this season; combine that  with the fact that they are dead last in the league in passing yards given up, and Romo has an excellent opportunity to make us forget about the debacle against the Lions.

I will be watching to see if Romo looks tentative: will he play like he is trying to avoid making mistakes?  Will he be in a hurry to make short and safe completions rather than taking shots downfield?


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