LeBron James to replace Marty B as our 2nd Tight End?

Or so I suspect. Let’s look at the evidence, shall we?

First of all, let’s take a look at LeBron. He is a life-long Dallas Cowboy fan. He goes to the games, buys the hats, leaves the stickers on, flattens out the bill, wears it proudly, and openly supports the Cowboys. If he were to tryout for an NFL team, the obvious choice would be The Dallas Cowboys. Could LeBron play in the NFL? Hell yeah he could. Would he be awesome? Hell no he wouldn’t, not in one season. Would that stop Jerry Jones from hiring him?…Do you really need me to answer that for you?

Which brings us to the next part of the equation: Jerry Jones. The most insane billionaire in sports (sorry, Mark Cuban). Jerry loves the Cowboys, and he wants to see them succeed. But there are different levels of success. There are wins and losses, and then there is the success of Jerry’s precious circus. We call him a gambler and a chance taker> But let’s stop doing that. Let’s stop using that “he’s a dice roller” excuse. The truth is that Jerry loves the spotlight to be on his team, no matter the cost. He loves it when the sports’ world is talking about the Cowboys. But he REALLY loves it when the WHOLE world is talking about them. If LeBron James signed with Dallas, it would be headline news. Jerry would be on TV, flashing his plastic smile, and throwing out the typical “We’re just trying to win a Super Bowl” crap.

If the NBA season does not happen, then the NBA players will be doing SOMEthing..Most of them won’t be sitting on the couch. I’m sure many of them will sign 1 year contracts on European teams, some will tour the US and put on shows, some will even work on their rapping career. I can’t wait for Meta World Peace to come out with a new record, by the way. But surely LeBron wouldn’t just blend in with the crowd. That cocky bastard would do something transcendent of the other struggling jobless millionaires. I believe that he has always had a dream of wearing a star on his head and catching touchdown passes for his beloved Cowboys. He wants to prove that he can succeed in the NFL. Deion and MJ both wanted to prove something in another sport, and they did it. This is LeBron’s chance to step up and show everyone that he is more than a basketball player.

So it’s the NBA’s move, really. Will an agreement be made? If not, then you can bet Jerry will be waiting in the shadows, feeding Jerry Jr biscuits and scratching Steven’s belly, both of them on golden leashes, and with their ears clipped.

LeBron wants this. Jerry wants this. Jason Garrett wants this.

I made that last part up, by the way.

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