The Five Biggest Surprises about the Dallas Cowboys Season So Far

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5. The Cowboys should be 4-0 at the bye-week break

At the beginning of the year, like most Cowboy fans, I went through the Dallas Cowboy’s schedule. After reviewing the games played in the first four weeks of the season, I figured the Cowboys would be at 2-2. Now that part was not a surprise. What is? That they should actually be undefeated at 4-0.

Dallas started the season in an uphill battle when they faced the New York Jets on the anniversary of  9/11 in NY. But the Cowboys came out swinging and had the game won until that disastrous fourth quarter!

The next two games I figured would be more of a cake-walk. Boy was I wrong! In game two, we needed a Willis Reed type performance from Tony Romo, overtime and a reality star to win over the San Francisco 49ers at home. Then what followed was a Monday night slobber-knocker with rivals the Washington Redskins, with the  Cowboys escaping with a narrow victory in our home debut.

Finally, Dallas had the surprisingly undefeated Detroit Lions on the ropes well into the fourth quarter this past Sunday. But another fourth quarter collapse saw the Boy’s back to my original prediction of 2-2. So technically,  we are less than two bad quarters away from being undefeated ourselves….surprising.

4. The roller coaster play of Tony Romo

No Cowboy season in the past six years has been so defined by the play of Tony Romo. His epic victories in game two and three, and his colossal breakdowns in game one and four are the stuff of Greek Mythology. No one has been this two faced since old Janus him-selves. (I’d like to thank two years of Latin for that reference)

Romo has always been a gunslinger hence he’s somewhat inconsistent, but rarely this early on. But it appears his playoffs woes have now extended into the regular season. Most might expect this level of play from a QB that went 1-5 last year, but Cowboy fans expect more. We expect Staubach and Aikman. Not White and Walsh.

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