Five Things I'll Be Thinking About as I Watch the Cowboys Defense vs. 49ers

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5. Can the secondary play well enough to keep them in the game?

Alan Ball will be starting for Scandrick. As I pointed out last week, Ball has to continue to prove that he is better at playing corner than he was at safety. With T-New likely gone at the end of this year at the latest, Scandrick and Jenkins figure to be the starters for the foreseeable future. Although I sometimes wonder about the future of Jenkins: part of me thinks that with all the time he spends on the ground, he is auditioning for a spot on a European soccer team.

Regardless of Jenkins play, Ball has a chance to earn himself a near-starting role as the 3rd corner. I will be watching to see whether they Cowboys can expect Ball to be a reliable 3rd CB.

McCray played fairly well last week. I will be watching to see on often he gets on the field and whether he seems to be improving.

As a unit, the secondary does not have to be spectacular; all they have to do is avoid getting beat deep and giving up quick touchdowns. If they can do that, the offense should be able to win the game.

Bonus thought:

How many people will leave astute opinions in response to my first poll?

I know this has nothing to do with the defense, but I assure you, I will be thinking about it while the defense is playing.


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