Mike Martz will keep plays like this one from happening.

Roy Williams hopes that Jay Cutler will be his friend

Yesterday, Jerry admitted that the Roy Williams trade was one he’d like to have back. Maybe he should’ve just hired Mike Martz. According to Roy Williams, not having Martz was the reason he didn’t find success in Dallas. That was just one gem in an ESPN Chicago article in which Roy’s obliviousness was on full display. Here are some excerpts:

Williams offered up a simple explanation for why he failed to put up big numbers with the Cowboys.
“Martz wasn’t there,” Williams said.
And as for the system he ran in Dallas compared to the Martz offense?
“Big difference,” Williams said. “Just big difference. Real big difference.”
The former first-round draft choice out of the University of Texas was then coy when asked if he was relieved to be out of Dallas, saying only “Relieved? I’m happy to be in Chicago.”

From there, Williams went on to some other completely illogical things:

According to Williams, the Martz system is simple because it requires a receiver to follow only one simple rule.
“Be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there and don’t fool the quarterback,” Williams said.
“I never fool the quarterback.”

On Jay Cutler:

“Great quarterback, great leader, I sat down and had lunch with him today,” Williams said. “He didn’t ask me to get up and leave the table, so maybe I’m in. I’m new to this team and the leader of the football team is the quarterback, so for me to talk to the quarterback and get to know him, that’s good for our football team and for myself. A lot of quarterbacks don’t like the receivers.

I could come up with a thousand jokes about these quotes. Some of them might even be a little funny. However, to me, this is Williams in a nutshell, and, as usual, I find him to be extremely annoying. I’m not sure if these are thinly veiled attacks on Garrett and Romo or if he’s just that dense. Either way, I hope we don’t have to hear anymore of this. No matter what Roy says was the cause of his poor performance in Dallas, it doesn’t change the fact that his acquisition set the organization back years.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure Jay Cutler doesn’t like anyone other than Jay Cutler.

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