REPORT: NFL Lockout Could End In Two To Three Weeks

Great news, folks. While it has been speculated the last few days, an agreement between NFL owners and players is well within reach. Mark Maske of the Washington Post wrote today that sources on both sides of the negotiations say a deal is possible within the next few weeks.

It is possible–but very unlikely–that the owners could vote on a labor deal at that meeting, said several of the people, who did not participate in the talks but are familiar with developments. It is more likely, they said, that owners could give negotiators their opinions and a deal with the players could be completed the following week.

A deal that week, just before the July 4 holiday, appears increasingly realistic, said people on both sides of the dispute.

The news is great for NFL fans. A deal by 4th of July weekend leaves more time for free agency, a supplemental draft and more time for official workouts. The team organized workouts are the most crucial as they allow more time for players to get familiar with their new teammates.

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