Nike Making Horrible Changes To NFL Uniforms?

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Reebok’s contract with the NFL runs out in 2012 and that is when the Nike will become the NFL’s official uniform supplier. Nike officials had said that they plan on making some major changes to NFL uniforms… and if these are the actual Nike designs, they weren’t joking.

Skimming through a message board I came across the horrible designs that are claimed to be Nike’s ideas for the NFL future. If these happen to be legit — which is not guaranteed — I will not be able to watch an NFL game without falling into a vomit inducing coma due to these atrocities.

View the 32 NFL team uniforms after the jump:

Neither the NFL nor Nike have confirmed that these sketches are indeed finalized, in fact, I don’t even think the two have begun discussing the details of uniforms. It’s possible they are just looking for feedback or some random guy on a forum drew them up. Look at their idea for the Cowboys:

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Horrible right? I think that may be the understatement of the century. All that is missing is jetpacks. I really hope none of this goes through. I can’t even begin to imagine the outcry if these really are Nike’s poor attempts at “improving” NFL uniforms. Their NCAA Pro Combat jerseys make these look like masterpieces. Now there are some nice ones like the Rams (my persona favorite), Falcons, Raiders, Bills and Texans, but for the most part they are awful.

What is even more discouraging? It gets much, much worse than the Cowboys redesign. Maybe these really are Nike’s ideas or maybe they are not… regardless, have a look.

Go through the next few pages to see all 32 NFL teams re-designs and wait until you see some of these pants! I can’t imagine a grown man wearing them.

[UPDATE: These these are a forum users ideas and not Nike's.]

NFC East:




Continue for the rest of Nike’s designs…

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