Cowboys @ Packers: Gameday Thoughts

First possession of the game and we already had a three and out. I suppose we can take some solace in the fact that we are running the ball.

With GB having the color of butter, and the Cowboys having the color (grey) of a knife… why are the Packers cutting through the Cowboys like hot butter through a knife.

Did the blocked field goal remind anyone of Leon Lett’s “Let it Be” Thanksgiving play against the Dolphins? How does Newman not know you can’t touch the ball without it becoming a live ball.

If I were a betting man, I would presume Miles Austin would beat Sam Shields (undrafted free agent rookie) 99 out of 100 times.

Tied at the end of the first quarter.  It won’t be that way for long, but it’s nice to know that we kept it close… for a little while.

McCann is a better kick returner than Owusu-Ansah.  Though in fairness, a fair catch in the endzone is better than Owusu-Ansah.

Leonard Davis is done.  We should be glad we got a few good years out of him, but his playing days are numbered.

It’s a shame when Aaron Rodgers seeks out more contact than the Cowboys “power back”.

Garrett must have read my article earlier in the day.  They are going deep more often…

Jason Witten needs to be taken to task.  He’s just so likable that it is hard to do.  This should not be confused with being so lickable…

When do we hit rock bottom?  I feel as though we have hit it and are scraping the bottom the last few weeks.

Those playing the Cowboys 2010 drinking game… can yall still see straight?

I recant my McCann comments.  Maybe Joe D. Camillis should break a leg to help to inspire the special teams.

2nd half…

That non-sack was reminiscent of Favre laying down for Mike Strahan to break the sack record.

Why does the quick pass to the outside receiver at the line of scrimmage work for other teams?  I’m guessing it is our defensive backs.

Was Rodgers outside the pocket when he threw the ball away?  There was no receiver in the area.  Ughh!

Mike Jenkins has a history of avoiding tackles.  Now he has a film reel.

I hate the defenseless receiver rule, but I hate to see any Cowboy laying on the ground.

How can Felix Jones not have any idea who to block after 3 years in the league?  Gronkowski is an undrafted free agent rookie.  He get’s a pass.  Jones has to keep his head in the game, regardless of how bad it is (the game and the season).

So if you are playing the drinking game… do you take 2 shots for the double penalty?  At this point, are you out of liqour?

My wife thinks Phillips is going to get fired tomorrow.  I don’t think so.

On the pick six, they blitzed 6 and we kept 7 in to block.  As it turns out, on the right side of the line, we had only Colombo blocking three Packer defenders.

I’m OK with Wade not challenging the muffed punt.  I don’t think he would have won the challenge.

Good effort Martellus.  There are few bright spots, but it is good to see some players till putting forth the effort.

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