NFL Practices CYA... WTF?

Apparently it was not Miles Austin‘s feat of athleticism which drew the 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty during Roy Williams‘s post touchdown celebration.  It was Sam Hurd.  What did Hurd do exactly?  Did he go down to the ground and breakdance… doing the worm maybe?  Did he mime mooning the Vikings crowd in deference to Randy Moss?  Nope.  he raised his right hand and gave the hand signal for the Texas Longhorns a little too close to Roy Williams.

Really?  NFL = No Fun League.  No, it really stands for no “f#$% common sense” league.  Yes the NFL has legislated out the sharpie in the sock, the cell phone under the goal post, and the dirty bird.  In each instance, the celebration wasn’t an expression of joy, but rather an opportunity to self-promote turning the spotlight solely onto the player.  Rarely is a touchdown celebration actually unsportsmanlike conduct; the lone exception is when Terrell Owens stood at mid-field and subsequently slammed the football into the Cowboys star.  Without a doubt, that was unsportsmanlike conduct.

So what is acceptable behavior?  Who knows.  The NFL seems to be making it up as it goes.  During the game, the penalty was attributed to Austin.  After the game, apparently his leap was acceptable behavior.  Against the Titans, a chest bump that goes horribly wrong with the player falling to the ground is unacceptable; however, Adrian Peterson going down to both knees and raising his hands/arms up into the air is apparently a respectful prayer to the Lord… the Lord of self-aggrandizement.  Peterson must have said the abridged new international version of the Hail Mary – Awesome Mary, your better than other ladies because you hang with god n’ you birthed Jesus.  That may be even too long to say during the time Peterson was on the ground.

So there you have it.  It’s bad parenting 101.

Child:  Why can’t I do this?

Parent:  Because I said so.

Child:  So what else can’t I do?

Parent:  I’ll let you know after you do it and are subsequently punished.

Child:  Why can Sally do it then?

Parent:  Go to your room!

It’s so frustrating if you think about it too much.  So cleanse your pallet with the following touchdown celebration by Adam Corrola.  Though I will warn you, it would undoubtedly be deemed inappropriate by league officials, though it does conform to the letter of the law.  And while we are talking about CYA, the F in WTF stands for fudge (occasionally fudgetastic).

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