Cowboys' Problem? 'Points Per Hundred' Too Low

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There are stats that are only good for fantasy sports and there are stats that really mean something.

Points per hundred is the latter.

According to this article, former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells used to say that really good football teams scored about seven points per one hundred yards.

It’s brutally simple but a very telling statistic: if you make one whole trip down the football field, you should end up with seven points. Do note that he’s saying every drive doesn’t need to be a touchdown, but really strong teams should average about 7 points per hundred yards on offense (no special teams or defensive touchdowns).

Go tell Jerry Jones that the Tuna is worth a sh*t because it looks like he’s onto something here.

In the past five years, all Super Bowl teams (not Super Bowl-winning, mind you) averaged 7.1 points per hundred yards. The lowest was 6.5 points per hundred.

In 2009, the Cowboys’ points per hundred number was 5.3, the lowest of any playoff team.

This was the Achilles heel for the Cowboys last year. They moved the ball all over opponents, but in the red zone, the offense sputtered and came away empty-handed.

The blame has to go all around: to Tony Romo for missing receivers and to receivers for dropping balls; to running backs Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice for not getting into the end zone and to the offensive line for not opening holes for those backs; and to Jason Garrett for becoming predictable at times with his offense. Kickers figure in there somewhere, too.

The biggest challenge for this year ultimately lies with Garrett, though. Too often he’d be predictable-fade routes to the tallest receiver, sending Barber up the middle time and time again and that ultimately led to field goal attempts-with a lot of missed field goals.

He’s got to use his personnel creatively-something that he’s shown that he can do-but in a manner that takes the red zone’s physicality and urgency very seriously.

Screens and draws aren’t going to work down there. Take those away from Garrett and it’s almost like he loses it.

The red zone is where you play f*** you football. Offenses say “F*** you, I’m getting in that end zone.” Defenses say “Uh, no you’re not, so f*** you.” Maybe Jason Garrett just isn’t good at f***you football. It wouldn’t shock me if that was the case.

The Cowboys can’t stand to not be a team that averages 5.3 points per hundred yards this year.

More specifically, the personnel who want to keep their jobs can’t afford to have a points per hundred average that low again.

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