Mark Cuban Sits at the Kids Table and Pouts

By: Joe D.

First I’d like to express that I have nothing but respect for Mark Cuban as a business man, a billionaire, an owner, and a snazzy dresser.  The Dallas Mavericks were mired in mediocrity before his arrival.  As a whole, he has helped the improve the profile of the city of Dallas as more than simply a football town. 

Even with all that goodwill built up, he just sounds petty, self-interested, and ridiculous when he complains about conflicts in scheduling (Last January and recently about the draft).  In January 2010, the Dallas Cowboys hosted the Philadelphia Eagles in the wild-card round.  Cuban’s response was that he was annoyed that the NFL elected to schedule the game on Saturday night; it was a direct conflict with a REGULAR season game between the Mavericks who hosted the Utah Jazz.  He was complaining about one game out of an 82 game season.  The game was a sell-out of 19,922, but there was mention of some empty seats.  Maybe Cuban lost a few thousand dollars due to the conflict, but he needs to accept (at least understand) the place of his team in the sports hierarchy. 

Throughout the 2009 season the Mavericks did not play a game when the Cowboys played at home.  Was this the Mavericks being a gracious neighbor?  If anything, they were tacitly acknowledging that they are second banana in Dallas.  You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, and you don’t mess with Texas, nor the Dallas Cowboys.

Recently Cuban has complained about the three day draft format employed by the NFL.  Did the NBA shut down in previous years when the draft began on Saturday at 4p.m.?  I guess that is why the first round of the NBA playoffs takes a month to complete (or feels like it). 

Cuban may have a point, though it comes across as being a childish and sophomoric.  The NFL has historically avoided scheduling Sunday night games that may conflict with the World Series.  This year they scheduled the Steelers to play at the Saints on Sunday night.  It may conflict with game 4 of the World Series, though weather delays may eliminate any conflict.  It is possible that the NFL has simply stopped caring about other sports leagues.  While Cuban may be shedding light on a subject, his style of argument would get my six year old a timeout.

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