When Do We Officially Call Roy Williams A Flop?

Is Roy Williams officially a flop? The Dallas Cowboys signed him to a five year deal with $45 million and he’s

What is it with the Dallas Cowboys and the trouble with picking up, finding or drafting good receivers ever since Michael Irvin left the game?

Williams barely has double digit catches and he has caught just one touchdown pass so far this year. He is not battling an injury, like he did last season.

Instead of waiting on Anquan Boldin, the Cowboys rushed last year to get what we all thought could be a prime-time receiver along side Terrell Owens. It was a disaster and the only smart thing that came out of that was the release of Owens, who is now struggling in Buffalo and looks to be at the tail end of his career.

Randy Galloway believes the Cowboys need to change their entire draft philosophy.

Among a deluge of angry e-mails lately from concerned citizens, there was this level-orange jumpsuit threat from Joseph:

“This [Cowboys’] front office and coaching staff should go to jail and all you sports writers with them for not holding them accountable for allowing receiver after receiver to come off the draft board without selecting one.”

Galloway continues to say that Jerry Jones believes drafting a wide receiver early is a crapshoot. I thought most picks are a gamble?

There are scouts who agree with Boss Hawg. In general, the biggest and most expensive high round failures come at quarterback, running back and receiver, not necessarily in that order.The Jones route, of course, has been to ignore wideouts in the draft and go-for-broke with big names through transactions involving high dollar deals and the trading of high round picks. Joey Galloway. Mr. Owens. Roy Williams. (No, Keyshawn Johnson doesn’t count. He was traded for Cousin Joey, and came at low dollars.)

Think of the receivers the Cowboys have gone through since Michael Irvin.

  • in 2000, the Cowboys picked up Joey Galloway, a speedster out of Ohio State who  had some really good years with the Seattle Seahawks. He was seriously injured in his first year and didn’t really help the Cowboys much during a very rough era of the franchise. A bust? Considering he went to Tampa Bay and had several 1000 yard seasons, I’d say he was just a bust here. Who knows why.
  • Raghib Ismail was even faster and he was supposed to be the No. 2 guy behind Galloway. He was decent in 1999 and sucky after that. Not a bust, but not a terrific receiver.
  • In 2002, the Cowboys drafted wide receiver Antonio Bryant out of Pittsburgh. I have to admit, I really thought this guy was going to be great for the Cowboys, but his attitude was the problem. In his rookie year, he topped 700 yards and had 6 touchdowns. From there on he got worse each year and was finally shipped to Cleveland.
  • Remember Ken-Yon Rambo? I’m kidding. Reggie Swinton? These turkeys actually started some games.
  • In 2003, Antonio Bryant was still here, along with newcomer Michael Bates and Terry Glenn. At this point the Cowboys were hoping Bryant would flourish into the player he was supposed to be, but he sunk even deeper. Glenn was probably the closest we have had in this era to a good receiver. He had two 1000-yard-plus seasons and remained on the team until 2007, when he was just too old and too hurt to be helpful to the team. At this point, the Cowboys were trying out quarterbacks like mad. Quincy Carter and Drew Bledsoe were the main characters and they weren’t able to bring the Cowboys out of the rut.
  • The next year the Cowboys went for Keyshawn Johnson. Although he had six touchdowns in his two seasons with the Cowboys, he never reached above 1000 yards. He wasn’t a bust, but he was already in decline when the Cowboys reached out to get him by getting rid of Galloway.
  • The Cowboys finally picked up a franchise tight end in 2003, and Jason Witten became the go-to guy until the Cowboys picked up Terrell Owens.

So since Irvin retired, the Cowboys were able to get two decent receivers who made plays and one superb tight end. They still have very little to show for it. Roy Williams may actually be the biggest bust so far at the wide receiver position since Irvin retired. In fact, he is.

Another Cowboys blogger disagrees with me maybe and defends Williams shoddy play. He even compares him to Keyshawn.

The Cowboys gave away a 1st, 3rd and 6th round pick and a ton of money. I wonder if it is any surprise DeMarcus Ware has yet to get a sack after five games and no long-term deal. Does he even want to stay here?

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