Where Is Tony Romo's Head?

Questions are surfacing today about whether Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo actually knew it was fourth down when he threw a bad pass to end the game. Nick Eatman asks on his blog if Romo even knew it was fourth down. I surely hope he did or this is going to really hurt him.

Eatman says Romo appeared to be yelling at the offense to get in the huddle after the fourth down incompletion, and seemed confused that the refs blew the whistles and were changing possession to the Broncos.

Romo could have been expecting a pass interference call, and I will say after reviewing the play several times, a flag should have been thrown. Cornerback Champ Bailey clearly threw his arm into the chest of the receiver well before the ball was there. It was early contact late in the game that the referees missed. Instead of first and 10 with one play left, the game was over.

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