Michael Vick Deserves His Second Chance

Michael Vick served one-month shy of 2 years in prison; not jail—PRISON.

He was financially supporting a dog-fighting ring. He admitted his role. He was sent to prison. He served his time.

People need to let him rebuild his life.

When I saw that the Philadelphia Eagles had signed him, my stomach curled.

I felt sick. I was woozy.

Michael Vick was a dynamic football player. He was the only quarterback in the NFL who wanted to use his legs to score in the redzone rather than his arm. He rushed for more yards than Marion Barber did for us last season.

Donovan McNabb says he urged his coaches to sign the embattled player. Vick is another weapon for the offense, McNabb said. He’s so right. With the popularity, and success, of the Wildcat Offense, Vick could be downright scary for opponents.

We’re unsure if he will be rusty. But, he has time to get his  mojo back, and if he does, it could result in a lot of trouble for the other three NFC East opponents.

We live in a society, a culture, that cherishes second chances. When a person admits their guilt and apologizes for their actions, serves their punishment and wishes for redemption, our society should offer support.

Michael Vick paid his debt to society. It is time to move on.

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