Washington Redskins: No Thanks, Michael Vick

Michael Vick’s agent Joel Segal told this newspaper yesterday that embattled and convicted dog-ring runner Michael Vick will not be playing for the Washington Redskins, despite rumors that the Skins were interested in the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback.

Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell isn’t looking like the franchise quarterback the team had hoped on. So, bringing in Vick to challenge Campbell seemed to be a decent idea. Not so fast.

One problem is Segal represents both Vick and Campbell. Surely, Segal is not pushing Vick to a team that starts another quarterback he represents. Although agents have shown they have no backbones sometimes, Segal would come off as the devil if he put his two guys in competition.

More than five teams expressed some interest in Vick, and the Carolina Panthers could be the front runners right now to sign him.

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