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Will Martellus Bennett Threaten Locker Room Chemistry?

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has gone to great lengths to make sure that the 2009-2010 season goes off without a hitch.

He’s opening a brand new, $1.5 billion dollar stadium. To make sure the team on the field matches the quality of the building they’re playing in, Jones has gone through and weeded the team of any problematic players.

Adam “Pac-Man” Jones got his marching papers, then probably made it rain with them. Greg Ellis and Terrell Owens got released and signed with other teams. So did Tank Johnson, but somehow it didn’t seem right to put his name beside Ellis and Owens.

Jones cleared all these players out because they were diseases. They spread through the locker room and turned the team upside-down late in the season last year.

My question for Jones is this: Did you get everyone?

The name that sticks out to me still is 2nd year tight end Martellus Bennett. His attitude problems were well-documented on last year’s Hard Knocks miniseries that followed the Cowboys through training camp and the preseason. He’s had some public relations hiccups as well, considering his now-famous “Black Olympics” video and raps with explicit, race-related content.

This was a knock on Bennett before he even left college, as scouts often said that Bennett was best remembered for something he would say after the game more than for any play he ever made in a game.

I’ve seen Bennett on tv several times before, and as a frequent viewer of his Marty B TV, I know he’s a young man that likes to have fun. But at what point does all that fun start to affect someone on a football field?

In a way, it follows all the things in the news about Tony Romo recently; nothing football-related. And that’s a concern.

I like that Bennett wants to have fun. Good, let him have his fun. Let him make episodes for his internet TV show and write his blogs (they’re pretty hilarious most of the time), but when he isn’t being a multimedia mogul, he has to prove that he’s worth the occasional headache he creates.

In his first season, he was probably one of the more impressive tight ends and he put up numbers comparable to most rookie wide receivers. He gave the Cowboys offense another tight end who could cause tremendous matchup problems. You could say that he’s on his way to being a premier tight end in this league.

Or, if he keeps messing around, he could find himself out of a job in Dallas.

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