The Landry Hat Hate Mail Edition!

I love hate mail. I love hate mail more when it comes from idiot fans of other NFC teams that are not the Dallas Cowboys. Rarely are they smart and rarely are they right.

Case in point is a piece of hate mail I got today from a New York Giants fan who took offense to this post I made in November. In that post, I criticize a columnist who makes the ridiculous statement that Eli Manning is a better quarterback than Tony Romo because Eli Manning has a Super Bowl ring. The column was based on absolutely no statistical analyzing of facts or comparing head to head match ups or even watching football games. The goofball just wanted to make a statement to irk some Cowboys fans and gain popularity with Giants fans. Maybe he also wanted to impress his girlfriend, too.

Eli Manning is lucky. That’s all. That bomb pass that turned into the immaculate reception II was pure luck. And if Asante Samuel just hold onto the ball, the game was over and the New England Patriots would have been crowned champions.

But I am not trying to prove I was right in my own column, because I was. But this is what Giants fan had to say to me:

I just read your November article where you trash a NY blog writer for
saying that Eli was better than Romo. You also made an assanine
comment that using this guys logic, you can say that Mark Rypien was
better than John Elway. That just shows you have the intellect of a 5
year old. Where in the hell do you get off making a comparison where
John Elway and Tony Romo are in the same position? Those names should
not even be mentioned in the same paragraph. And Eli didn\’t just get
a ring because he was on a good team, he got a ring because he beat
Garcia, Romo, Farve and Brady. He won those games being aggressive
and making plays in the clutch……something Romo hasn\’t learned how
to do yet. So before you make it seem like someone is denying Jesus
Christ\’s place among the heavens, let Tony Romo win a playoff game.

John Elway did not win a Super Bowl until the final years of his career. Even without a Super Bowl, he will go down as a Hall of Fame quarterback. As time passes, and Romo plays more than the three seasons he has under his belt as a starter, he’ll win playoff games. He’ll also likely be on the Hall of Fame ballot, too. There aren’t many quarterbacks out there right now as good as him, and his QB rating is tops in the NFL right now. Before some inbred Giants fan wants to attack me, I suggest he actually read that twerps column and then realize that even he doesn’t agree with that logic.

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