Dallas Cowboys May Let Julius Jones Run Wild

By Bevomav

The Dallas Cowboys need Julius Jones to pick up the pace, just a little: If he gains 1000 yards (he is on pace for 986) the Cowoys will receive a 3rd round pick.

Currently, the Cowboys are on pace for a 4th round pick.

Why I use points instead of yards? Dallas is the number 10 defense in the NFL using yards, but using points allowed they are 21st.

Tony Romo making a difference:

If you take Romo’s stats and stretch them out(averaged) for the 11 games
Offense….Currently..9th….With Romo for year..4th..
Defense…Currently..21st..With Romo for year..11th..
Record…..Currently..7 and 4…With Romo for year..8 and 3..(Here I am using the win % with/without Romo..and making a projection)

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