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Columnist Claims Eli Manning is Better Than Tony Romo?

There is nothing like waking up to a column like this one to start off your day angry. The New York TImes blog Fifth Down allowed some weirdo guy to show off his technical stats system to make a point that Eli Manning is better than Tony Romo. But here is the catch: Tony Romo beats Eli Manning in just about every one of the categories this guy uses to decide who the better quarterback is. Yes, it is true. Not until you get to intangibles does K.C. Joyner, the columnist, get to make his grand statement that Eli Manning is better than Tony Romo because Eli Manning finally won a playoff game and of course a Super Bowl. 

Using this weirdo’s system of intelligence, I could argue that Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer and Neil O’Donnell were better than John Elway (before he won a Super Bowl) because they had all taken their teams to the playoffs, won playoff games and made it to Super Bowl, two of them winning. Hey man, those are intangibles, right K.C. Joyner? 

In using his intangable argument, he compares The Giants and Cowboys squads with the San Diego Chargers, and quarterback Phillip Rivers. He says that the Giants, although they have a good roster, were never in the league of the Chargers. In spite of this, Manning is still amazing, the goofball claims. 


The Giants have always had a very good roster, but my personnel eye says they were not in San Diego’s league. New York also played in a division that was strong from top to bottom, unlike the AFC West. In spite of this, Manning has led his team to more playoff berths and more playoff wins than Rivers has. I don’t like to lean solely on the win criterion, as it has its weaknesses (see Trent Dilfer and the 2000 Ravens), but in this case Manning has done a lot more with a less than Rivers has, so I’ve taken to giving him the edge in that matchup.

Dingleberry Joyner even says he really doesn’t like to hinge his entire credibility on the “overall team concept” intangible, but then finds himself in contradiction in the very next paragraph. 

Now let’s look at Romo. The Cowboys have been the near equals (if not equals) to the Chargers in roster strength the past couple of seasons and yet Romo has not a single playoff win to show for it. He also lost a home divisional game to a Manning-led Giants squad last year. I can’t put all of that on Romo, but lack of leadership is one of the reasons that team is losing the big games, and some of that does fall at the feet of the quarterback. That means Manning gets a large edge in this department and it’s the reason I have to go with Manning as the better QB.

Congrats, K.C. Joyner, you win The Landry Hat Douchebag of the Week award. You deserved it. 

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