ESPN Hints Jerry Jones Calling Detroit Lions

Ed Werder on ESPN hinted that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would be calling the Detroit Lions as the trade deadline approaches to try and finangle a trade for wide receiver Roy Williams.  

As good as it sounds to have Terrell Owens and Roy Williams on either side of the field, getting another high-profile receiver is not going to completely solve the problems the Cowboys are facing. 

Tony Romo is holding the ball too long as he waits for receivers to finish their 15 and 20 yard routes. If there is one play that the Cowboys of the 1990s used so perfectly, it was in slant to Michael Irvin. The Cowboys have tried that play with Romo and Owens but they have never been able to make it work. 

The Cowboys saw some success in the second half against the Cardinals when they dumped off the ball to Marion Barber. That was a play that canceled out the heavy rush on Romo all night. But the Cowboys didn’t do it enough. No 5 yard routes to Jason Witten or Patrick Crayton. It seems like all offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is doing is calling 20-yard outs to Terrell Owens and straight routes to Jason Witten, and if they’re not open, Romo is screwed. If it is not a running play, it seems like every playcall is for either Witten or Owens, and you can watch the game tape and see where Romo is looking. 

Opposing teams are reading what the Cowboys are doing rather easily. It might be time for some new plays, not new players. 

With that said, getting Roy Williams could not hurt the Cowboys.

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