Bengals Fan Says He Would Kick Owner Mike Brown In Nuts!

How fitting it is to have a bizarre interview with a Cincinnati Bengals fan, considering the wacko talk coming out of the mouth of Chad Johnson? Well, I picked WhoDeyFans for this one because as we saw this week, he’s opinionated, a bit ridiculous, and obnoxious–just like Ocho Cinco! You can check out my interview with the weirdo here

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys play the Cincinnati Bengals this week. Poor Bungals. 

Why do the Bengals suck so much and for so long?

You touch on it in your next question, but I will state it here. We have the second worst owner in the league. He is a notorious cheap skate and refuses to hire a GM that actually has some football knowledge. The scouting department is smaller than the staff at theLandryHat and it shows in every NFL draft. That being said I am glad he does not make a weekly appearance on the sideline and pretend he can still play the game. (intentional Jerry Jones jab)


If Mike Brown were sitting by you at a game, would you have the balls to say anything, and if so, what would you say?

The Bengals have instituted something called the Jerk Line. This is a phone number where you can call or text a complaint about a fan and the boys in yellow swiftly float in and calm the raucous. After leaving several messages there, I would take the opportunity to thank him for sending the lawyers after my website. Then I would use every opportunity to pass as much football knowledge on to him as possible. Then after the Bengals lost I would probably kick him in the nuts.

How could the Bengals beat the Cowboys?

The same way the Redskins did, take it to the air. The glaring weakness on the Boys this year is the secondary. After suffering through some injuries the men in back made Santana Moss look all world. If he looked that good I can’t imagine what Chad Ocho Cinco, TJ Houshmandzadeh and Chris Henry will do to that secondary.


Have you ever broken anything after watching the Bengals play?

I have never broken anything myself. The Cincinnati Bengals often do break things. Mostly overconfident teams game plans. I remember when the Kansas City Chiefs were unbeatable and 9 and 0 when they played the lowly Bengals. They left 9 and 1. Also, the best game the Bengals have played this year was against the New York Giants in New York. It was an overtime loss and Carson was given plenty of time to throw. If he gets that time against the Cowboys then the Cowgirl fans hearts will also be broken.


Are you an alcoholic because of your Bengals fanship? Drug addict?A

The Bengals have yet to drive me to drink. At the stadium the price of beer is like 94 dollars so I believe they are successful in curbing the drinking there. As for drugs, my high school years were in the early 90′s. So in being the football fan that I am the Cowboys of the 90′s scared me enough to keep me away from drugs. Michael Irvin alone is an after school special. Chris Henry and PacMan Jones combined can’t touch him. The Bengals may have the arrest record now but man, they couldn’t touch the Cowboys of the 90′s.

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