Emmitt Smith Attacks Me! Me! Me!

I am not sure any Dallas Cowboys fan followed or even believed the words that came out of Terrell Owens’ mouth at the post-game press conference last night. It is almost like he lives on Mars, and only comes to Earth to play football. He really did say that the offense didn’t use him enough and that when he was open, the ball was already thrown to someone else. He had nearly 20 offensive plays, which is 30 percent of all the plays the offense had, and he had 77 yards on 7 catches for 1 touchdown, certainly not horrible stats. 

The loss wasn’t T.O.’s fault. So, I am not sure why he decided to complain. Neither did former Cowboys great (and fan mistreat-er) Emmitt Smith. 

Emmitt Smith said on Sunday ESPN football that Terrell Owens is not a true Cowboy. Apparently, what Smith meant, we think, is that Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and he were drafted by the Cowboys. I guess that makes you a “true Cowboy.”

We think Emmitt should continue working on his vocabulary, pronunciation, and relationship with fans.

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