The Washington Times is Dead Wrong on Dirty Play Article

The Washington Times digs deep in the gutter today for this article by Dan Daly about the play in the Cowboys-Eagles game Monday night. 

Mr. Daly contends that the Cowboys embarked on a mission to injure Brian Westbrook with dirty plays. The article certainly will please Eagles fans, but it is not an objective review of the game. 

He accuses Dallas coaches of preparing the players to play dirty. He tries to make a connection to dirty play and how ironic it is that these plays happened against Brian Westbrook, who is the team’s best player. He accuses Jay Ratliff, Pat Watkins and Jason Hatcher of purposely grabbing Westbrook’s facemask. 

The article is so outrageous that I sadly had to sign up to the comment section and opine on the subject. His article is deplorable and it borders on libel, and I don’t say that just because this is a Dallas Cowboys blog; I say that because it’s the truth. 

It’s true because what Mr. Daly fails to mention or point out in his “journalism” are certain plays that Eagles players committed on the Cowboys: A facemask of Tony Romo, a horse-collar tackle of Marion Barber and a chop block–which did not draw flags. Why? We will never know that. 

But the most-glaring error in his article is that he obviously proves he did not watch the game, or re-watch it, if he was going to write such a critical article about the Dallas Cowboys? To what am I referring? See, there’s proof out there that was not easy to find that bring some objectivity to his article. He avoids the truth. 

Please, just review these pictures:

What exactly is Brian Westbrook doing? Is he just saying hello? What is he grabbing? Why does Mr. Daly not mention this?

Now, the pictures tell a story Mr. Daly does not, and that’s unfortunate. But Daly really pushes the envelope of yellow journalism, as he continues to harp on the subject of which he obviously has very little knowledge:

Fortunately, Westbrook lived to play another day. Maybe the Cowboys will resort to a different form of, uh, discouragement next time – the clothesline, say, or the horse collar. Clearly, he was foremost in their defensive thoughts Monday night, No. 1 on their Most Wanted list. And their roughhouse tactics had the desired effect; he was held to 58 yards rushing and 103 overall.

Mr. Daly continues to push his agenda that the Cowboys were out to injure Westbrook. His crazed article says it was a shame that the highly entertaining game broke the Cable record because his alleged dirty play of the Cowboys makes a joke out of the NFL. That’s not what people show see for a record-breaking game, he clamors. 

Mr. Daly avoids the fact that not one Cowboy was punished or fined after the game, which NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is known to do. The Cowboys didn’t get a letter from the commish. 

There’s a reason for that. The Cowboys did not play a dirty game. The coaches didn’t teach these players to facemask or incur penalties. In fact, anyone who watches the Cowboys knows the coaches were certainly teaching the opposite. 

But it’s a shame that people like Mr. Daly have a job in journalism. It’s a shame that he writes for a paper in Washington, D.C., the home of the Washington Redskins. It’s a shame that he calls himself a journalist.

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