Clinton Portis Is Out of Shape

I caught this today, and if you missed it, you can download the podcast here, but Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis lost his cool on ESPN Radio’s John Thompson Show

Former Redskins and Eagle Brian Mitchell gives Portis some beef for being out of shape, a jerk and an overall idiot.

Portis is furious, and says he is in as good of shape as anyone on the team. Mitchell stands his ground.  Their fight lasted through most of the 23-minute interview. Portis calls Mitchell a hater right off the bat. 

“I am not hating. I respect you but there are a lot of things you do that I don’t like.”

 “Every time I say something negative, I say something positive. But I’m not going to be one of those people running around kissing your butt,” Mitchell tells the overrated running back.

The interview is worth a listen, as the two fight it out. 

“I guarantee you I am one of the top conditioned players on this team, and you can ask coach,” Portis says. 

Mitchell replies:

“I don’t need to ask coach. I see you after one nine yard run running to the sidelines breathing.”

Portis just talks trash for five minutes, and doesn’t let Mitchell get a word in. When Mitchell finally does get to talk, Portis jumps in and argues with him.

“Keep talking, you keep talking. It’s all good. It’s all good,” Mitchell says. 

“If you can’t handle the negative [Portis interupts], I talk abotu football and I would advise you to keep it about football. Listen to me. I would be truly happy if you lead the Washington Redskins. I would be the first man to praise you but don’t think you can come on this air and talk trash to me like i am going to back down. I talk about football, bro.”

The problem is, I can barely understand the blabber Portis is saying. He’s so angry and out of control on the air, that he makes very little sense. 

“I am going to get my whipping stick out in a minute,” legendary Hoyas coach John Thompson says as the two continue to battle.

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