The Landry Hat Fantasy Football League. Win $400 Gift Card

In a few days, the official The Landry Hat fantasy football league with will begin. I am making a final call to those who want to join. The cost to anyone who joins through me is $65. You have the chance to win $250,000 and $10,000 each week for the highest overall score in the entire game. Here is how it works:

The game is different than the traditional fantasy football. You pick players each week,and you can pick the same player only twice during the season. That’s the biggest difference. Each week you have new players.

The scoring system is as following:

We’re not messing around. Points = money.

Offensive Stats Points
Touchdown 6
1 Team Defense/Special Teams 2
1 Rushing or Receiving Yard .1
1 Passing Yard .05
Reception .5
Turnover (Fumble or INT) -2
Kicking Stats Points
Extra Point 1
Field Goal (0-39 yards) 3
Field Goal (40-49 yards) 4
Field Goal (50+ yards) 5
Defensive Stats Points
Total Points Allowed
0 10
1-6 7
7-13 4
14-20 1
21-27 0
28-34 -1
35 or more -4
sack 1
Blocked Kick (XP, FG or Punt) 2
Touchdown 6
Turnover Recovered 2

Cost: $65

Now the good part:
Grand Prize: $250,000
Weekly Prizes for highest points total: $10,000
More than 50 people get paid at season’s end for top scores. Spots 11-20th get $500. Spots 6-10th get $1000.

For the Landry Hat League players, the winner gets a $400 Best Buy Gift Card

What can you get with $400 Best Gift card?

  • Acer laptop
  • At least 20 percent off 40-50-inch HDTV Samsung or Sony television
  • Cannon Powershot 12.1 MPXL camera
  • Several brands of camcorders
  • Blueray Disc player
  • XBOX 360 with games
  • Wi with games
  • Playstation 3 with games
  • The list goes on and on an don

To join, email me TODAY at

Season Starts Sept. 4!!!!!!!!!

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