Is Every NFL Blogger Jealous Of The Dallas Cowboys?

It sure seems that the unoriginal thing to do in the NFL blogosphere is to write up some idiotic post about the Dallas Cowboys, and how much they suck, or how bad their players are or how Michael Irvin snorted coke.

In the FANsided Network we have witnessed the Chiefs, the Jaguars, the Giants, the Eagles, the Redskins, the Vikings, the Panthers , the Packers, and now the Miami Dolphins have all taken unwarranted stabs at the famed Dallas Cowboys or their players. I am sure I missed a few times because the hate got overwhelming for a little bit there.

So, what brings these bloggers to write such drivel? ENVY. ENVY does. The Dallas Cowboys are the most-glorious NFL team in the history of the game. Not only do they have more Super Bowls, they have more playoff victories, more divisional titles and more fans.

But here are the top 5 reasons why so many NFL bloggers are envious of the Dallas Cowboys:

  • 5 Super Bowls in 8 appearances. The minority of NFL fans who do not like the Cowboys drool over this statistic. It drives them bonkers. All they can do is talk about how the Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game since 1996, yet they easily forget how the Cowboys dominated the 1990s. Success fluctuates. But none of you guys can claim the same fame the Cowboys can. And it bothers you so much. Envious.
  • Michael Irvin. How this class-act Hall of Fame receiver brings so much angst from fellow NFL bloggers is beyond me. Certainly it is envy. So, Michael had a few off the field problems. Big deal. So have hundreds of other NFL players. Big whoopdy doo. Irvin was an incredible NFL force who other NFL bloggers love to hate. Not only was he one of the best receivers in the game, he now can claim fame to giving one of the best Hall of Fame speeches ever. Yeah, we forgave him for his sins ages ago. But the minority anti-Cowboys fans just love to hate him. Where are your three rings?
  • Jerry Jones. For some reason, NFL bloggers love to hate geniuses. Don’t ask me, but if that’s not ridiculous, I don’t know what is. Jerry Jones is an NFL mastermind. Unlike Daniel Snyder, who breaks everything he touches (See WSJ Monday edition about how Six Flags is in shambles ever since Snyder bought ownership into the amusement park franchise), Jerry Jones brought the Cowboys out of the gutter for its greatest Super Bowl run ever. He is about to do it again. Envy is dripping from the minority Anti-Cowboy crowd.
  • “How About Them Cowboys?” Yes, the famous words out of former coach Jimmy Johnson sums it up. Those words continue to ring through the NFL, irking the minority anti-Cowboys crowd, all of whom are so original all they can do is talk about how the Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game since 1996. How about them Cowboys is a quote that will live in NFL history and it will be reborn time after time after time after time. But they hate it.
  • Class. The Dallas Cowboys are the classiest NFL team. It all started with the suit-wearing, well-dressed Tom Landry. The silver and blue uniforms with the magnificent star makes the best uniforms in the league. Other teams hate it because they look so classy. So do the bloggers.
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