Coke Blower Matt Jones Has Dad Talk To Media

I honestly think Matt Jones‘ dad is blowing coke, too. In what is one of the weirdest public statements I have seen in some time, his dad claims the coke found in Matt’s car, that Matt was cutting with a credit card, and that was on Matt’s hand, was not Matt’s coke. Yes, read it here.

According to the police report, Jones was spotted in the backseat of a Toyota 4Runner when an officer on foot patrol saw him with a “white powdery substance and in his hand, a credit card that he was using to chop up and scrape the powder.”

When asked by the officer if the powder was cocaine, Jones said, “Yes.”

OK, I am not the one who tends to believe everything in a police report, but this is pretty awful for Matt “Drip” Jones.

Even female Jags fans, known for their heavy coke use, are not buying this crap. Female Jags fans are coke experts, and this one basically spoils the plot. What the hell is Matt’s pa thinking? This makes it even more embarrassing for the coke user. Matt, NFL players are not supposed to use coke. It damages your heart and veins. Now, I would be lying if I said the Dallas Cowboys didn’t have a player or two who sniffed some coke, but when caught red-handed, they didn’t like about it like you and your pops are. When someone tried to frame Michael Irvin with crack rocks, the charges were dropped.

The Landry Hat Theory: Matt’s friend left the car with the coke still in there. Matt grabs his Milly Vanilly CD and starts frantically cutting lines of coke on the CD before his friend returns. However, the dolt failed to remember he was in a shady part of Hog-town, and within a few minutes, even before Matt could sniff those final two lines, a cop knocks on his window.

The Landry Hat Decision: Matt Jones is an idiot.

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