Packers, Vikings and Bears OH MY!

The Brett Favre saga is quickly turning into one of the wildest football stories so far this off season. Forget Matt Jones blowing coke or another Bengal testing positive for drugs, Favre is stealing the show.

Brett Favre wants to return to the NFL. He sent the Packers brass a letter this week informing the powerful that he wants to come back. The Packers reply “Sure, Brett, you can come back…as a back up.” Now the fun begins.

The Green Bay Packers have all the control in this chess game, and they do not have to hand over any of it to one of the most exciting quarterbacks ever to play the game. Favre has asked to be released if the Packers don’t want him. This is where the fun begins.

If the Packers were smart and business savvy, they’d keep Favre on the roster. If the Packers cared about the game, they’d let him go.

Just imagine Brett Favre in a Chicago Bears uniform. Or, imagine him in a purple Minnesota Vikings uniform. The thought of watching Favre play his fabled Packers twice in a season would drive ratings through the roof. The thought of seeing him bring either of those teams to the playoffs would make someone millions in a book deal.

Let the story begin.

The Packers should release Brett Favre now. Who cares that he retired? How many times in professional sports have he heard someone say they were calling it quits only to watch them return because they can’t stand watching the game from the bleachers or the couch when they can still walk, run, throw, catch and jump.

Whether you think Favre is good is not the important factor here. No one can argue against the fact that he loves the game. When he is on that field, his play is reminiscent of a 14-year-old playing for his parents. His excitement and desire to win overshadow his faults. How could we not want to see him back on the field? Especially since he had one of his best seasons last year, taking the Packers to the NFL Championship game.

You say he shouldn’t come back because he retired, because he teared on national television and told us all that he has played his last football game? You think because Favre cried, he should man up and stick to his retirement?

Then you don’t know what it feels like to love a game. You don’t know what it feels like to dedicate your soul, mind and health to an organization, teammates and those who pay money to watch you play. None of us can say we understand what nags someone who has put all of that on their own shoulders. And until we do, let’s watch Brett Favre play. Let’s watch and learn. We can help tell the story.

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