Top 10 Reasons To Hate The Philadelphia Eagles

I wasn’t planning today to write the top-10 reasons to hate the Philadelphia Eagles, but this post really got on my nerves. According to InsidetheIggles blogger Ian, Eagles fans are good people.

He argues that because a Bears fan went to an Eagles game and he was not killed, this is proof that Eagles fans are not the nasty pigs a majority of the world knows they are. Yeah, mind-boggling, I know. The post is so biased and ugly that I just fell on the floor in shock.

Folks, the post is bull shit. So, I present to you the top-10 reasons the Philadelphia Eagles suck and should be hated:

10. “Nest of Death” is a nickname the scummy Eagles fans actually give themselves. They think they are scary and bad. It is Section 700 at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, a haven for rabid Eagles fans. Really, they are just a cesspool of drug addicts and drunks with absolutely no morals.

9. Snowballs. The FBI should have arrested the entire Eagles organization and the fans for the snowball throwing havoc they leveled on the Dallas Cowboys. These were dangerous flying objects that could have seriously injured someone. This is also a form of terrorism.

8. Midgets. Seriously, watch this video. Are all Eagles fans midgets? That’s reason to hate the entire organization, not because we dislike midgets, but because these midgets think they are tough and cool. Man I hate the Eagles.

7. Donovan McNabb. Not only is he overrated, he’s a little girl. One of the biggest cry babies in the NFL, McNabb is treated as a martyr when he plays well and satan when he plays poorly. He’s just a guy we can easily hate because of his stupid Chunky Soup commercials, his ugly mother commercials and his homosexual photo shoots.

6. The Eagles mistreated Terrell Owens. Here is a guy who just told it how it is, and the Eagles organization ganged up on him. And when he was suspended from the team, and left, the organization sued him to get his signing bonus back. Unbelievable. Who would like a team that does crap like that? It’s just wrong and petty.

5. Load Left. It was a bread-and-butter play in which Emmit Smith would run behind Nate Newton. On Dec. 10, 1995, Cowboys coach Barry Switzer called the play twice in a row. Instead of punting the football on a fourth-and-1 at the Cowboys’ 29-yard line with two minutes to play and the score tied at 17-17, Switzer called the play for the second time in a row. The Eagles stuffed it again. Three plays later, Eagles kicker Gary Anderson scored a 42-yard field goal to give Philadelphia the 20-17 victory. Whatever. It is what it is. But this is a good reason to hate the Eagles. It is also a reason to hate Barry Switzer, but oh well.

4. The Interception. On Nov. 3, 1996, Eagles scumbacker James Willis intercepted a Troy Aikman pass in the endzone and returned it 14 yards before he lateraled the ball to corner Troy Vincent who returned it for the 104 yard touchdown that put the game away for the Eagles when the Cowboys had momentum to take the lead.

3. The Bounty Bowl: During the Thanksgiving game in 1989, Eagles Coach Buddy Ryan had taken out a “bounty” on Cowboys players placekicker Luis Zendejas and quarterback Troy Aikman. This is typical play of the Eagles and purely disgusting. It rubs off on their fans.

2. On October 25, 1987, the Eagles and head coach Buddy Ryan disgraced the NFL and Hall of Fame legend Tom Landry. Scummy Ryan called a time-out on the last play of a game against the Cowboys to score another touchdown when the Eagles already had the game won. How is this respectful? This kind of disrespect rubs off on the fans.

1. October 10, 1999, is a date that lives in infamy for the NFL. On this day, the Eagles organization and Eagles fans really showed their true colors when Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin fell with a serious neck injury. The injury ended his career. Yet, the Eagles players and fans found this hilarious. They cheered. This display was so disgusting that the home town paper Philadelphia Daily News proclaimed in a headline “Unspeakable, even for us.”

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