Could Wade Phillips Be Jobless?

What is going to please Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones this year? Will it be a playoff win or must it be a Super Bowl victory?

Even I was calling for the head of coach Wade Phillips after last year’s disappointing ending. Why? Because the Dallas Cowboys looked uninspired and unprepared for a game against a team it already had beaten twice in the regular season. Players were allowed to go to Mexico–really, he said just do what you want for a few days, rather than preparing for a very important inter-division playoff matchup–and the coaching staff didn’t call the right plays.

Then, this offseason, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was made the highest-paid non-head coach in the league. If that ain’t reading tea leaves I don’t know what is. So, what will it take to keep Wade on those sidelines?

Will it be a playoff victory or two? Does it need to be a Super Bowl?

With the talent on this team, and the contracts extensions players received during this off season, it is hard to read what Jerry will accept in 2008-09. But the fans are dying for a Super Bowl in this decade. I am dying for a Super Bowl this decade.

If the Cowboys head into the playoffs with success in the regular season similar to this past season, I think that will dictate what Jones will do. See, if the Cowboys go 13-3 or 12-4 again and win the division, Jones isn’t going to swallow a loss in the Championship Game. He might not even accept a Super Bowl loss. However, if the Cowboys make it to the big game I think that will suppress a lot of the angst from the Dave Campo-Bill Parcells Era.

Whose fault was that Giants loss? Was it a culmination of a bunch of errors resulting in the tragedy on the field that day? Or was it truly the coaching staff who failed to prepare a Championship-caliber team?

I think the answer, at least in Jerry’s mind, will come at the end of this season. Win or lose, Wade’s job is truly on the line.

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