Dallas Cowboys Need Leaders To Step Up

An article here added some much-needed perspective into the Marion Barber Missing In Action problem. But before we discuss the article, let’s review the current situation in Big D.

Roy Williams, who is seriously fighting for his job this year, is not working out with teammates. He’s doing it alone.

Ken Hamlin, who was given the franchise tag which pays him over $4 million this year, is not participating in what is called the off-season conditioning program.  Talks about Hamlin getting a longterm contract fizzled, and he’s been a no-show.

Marion Barber is not participating in the work outs either. He was given the highest tender for a restricted free agent, which is more than $2.5 million a year. Barber can’t go anywhere, and he has until June 1 to sign. If he doesn’t sign, the Cowboys could pay him even less. Sure, there’s no rush for him to sign, especially since there were talks about the Cowboys signing him up, too.

As the article states, Chris Canty, who was given a first-round tender as a restricted free agent, is working out with the team.

Does anyone else find this interesting? Well, our owner, Jerry Jones, is not too concerned. He was caught by the press while playing golf.

“Not at all,” Jones said during the team’s annual golf tournament for sponsors, held at the Cowboys Golf Course in Grapevine. “I would like them to be here. But right now, we’re working on a few things. I think when the time comes, they’ll be ready to go.”

“If their contracts were done I would expect them to be a part of the OTAs and mini-camp,” said Jones. “I’m not disappointed. We’ve got some time there.”

As for Hamlin, he is seeing dollar signs through his agent. As the article points out, the Oakland Raiders screwed a bunch of teams by signing Gibril Wilson to a ridiculous  six-year, $39 million deal this off-season. Wilson hasn’t even seen a Pro Bowl.

Barber is seeing money signs too, through his opulent agent, Drew “Puff Daddy” Rosenhaus.

So, who is leading this team? Who is stepping up and calling these guys and asking them what exactly the deal is? I personally don’t see any reason at all not to work out with your teammates unless you don’t like your teammates. Am I right or wrong? Roy Williams saying he works out better alone is just weird. No one works out better alone!

This is not how I wanted to start this offseason. Not even close.

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