Lions Are 'Stupid'

Only in Detroit would there be a newspaper headline using the word “Stupid.”

But according to Drew Sharp with the Detroit Free Press, “It makes no sense that Roy Williams is still a Lion.” 

I am not sure what makes less sense: That Roy Williams is still a Lion or that the Dallas Cowboys did not draft a wide receiver, even with the glut of high-profile players who fell deep into the second and third rounds.  Although there were reports that the Cowboys did discuss moving up in the second round to draft James Hardy, they just didn’t show any interest in drafting for that position.

Sharp didn’t hold back his thoughts in this scathing column:

If the Lions say they weren’t approached with serious offers for Williams, they’re lying.

If they’re saying they simply weren’t interested in moving Williams, they’re stupid.

Sharp is talking about Matt Millen, who we all know has made some of the most disturbing football decisions in decades.  Sharp says it is “strongly believed” that Dallas was “strongly pursuing” Williams.

The reader comments after the story are funny. And personally, I agree with most of them. I think the Lions would be stupid to trade Williams. Matching him up with Calvin Johnson is exactly why the Cowboys would like to take him to pair him with Terrell Owens: both are one-two punches that could be easily labeled the best receiving duo in the game.

There is a big difference in the situation Williams in in compared with the Bengal’s Chad Johnson. Williams has said he is not unhappy in Detroit and he’d like a long-term deal, which Detroit has obviously been unable to accomplish for him, for reasons unknown to me.  Johnson says he won’t play for the Bengals unless he’s traded. There’s no comparison in the two players.

Another article in the same paper has an interview with Millen that just made me laugh, but also makes it glaringly obvious that Millen is a questionable team president. He’s just a goofball. Here’s a snippet:

Lions president Matt Millen said Sunday he received no serious offers for the Pro Bowl wide receiver.

“In the world of trading,” Millen said, “this is how it goes: ‘Hey, you interested in moving Roy?’ ‘Yeah, we could. It depends.’ ‘OK, well, we’d give you a bologna sandwich.’ It always starts with a bologna sandwich.”

Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington reportedly were interested in Williams. Did it ever get up to, say, a party sub?

“You think I’m kidding with the bologna sandwich,” Millen said. “They were talking, ‘We’ll give you such and such.’ I mean, it’s nothing. …

“If they’re really interested in doing something, they’ll say something. But if they’re not, they’ll just kind of throw something out there. It never got past the introductory speech.”

Is this guy for real?

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