Avoid Chad Johnson At All Costs

Ever hear Anquan Boldin moan about his team losing, and threatening not to play for them ever gain?

Ever hear Roy Williams complain that Detroit consistently stinks, and threaten to hold out if he is not traded?

The answer is no, we have not. That’s because Boldin and Williams have class. They have respect for their teammates and their coaches.

So, it makes you wonder what is up Chad Johnson’s rear end, and do the Dallas Cowboys want to inherit that malady? Yes, the Bengals have flopped after a promising season a few years ago. Yes, the Bengals have been one of the worst franchises over the past 20 years. But so have Detroit and Arizona. Their players aren’t making threats and telling announcers on every radio and television sports program that they’ll take all offers.

So far, the only offer for Johnson came from the Washington Crapskins, a team that we can’t really consider a Super Bowl caliber team.

During yesterday’s press conference with Jerry Jones, he said that the Cowboys may move up, move down or trade during Saturday’s highly-anticipated draft. He said he has not contacted Cincinnati about Johnson. But he admitted he has had discussions about a different wide receiver, likely Boldin or Williams.

Hooray for Jerry!!! I think it is a smart move to steer far away from Chad Johnson. I mean, for some reason, the duo of Terrell Owens and Johnson doesn’t sit well in my stomach. Who would implode first, even though T.O. seems to have turned a new leaf?

UPDATE: ESPN is reporting that Boldin is asking to be traded, but this comes through his agent, the ubiquitous Drew Rosenhaus. The Redskins, acting as if fire is lit to Daniel Snyder’s ass, made an offer for the receiver. It, too, was turned down in a blaze of glory. 

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