Is Michael Irvin Pacman's Middle Man?

Pacman Jones wants to be a Dallas Cowboy. He’s told the world that. He said it again today on ESPN.

On Michael Irvin’s radio show today, Pacman sort of took responsibility for his mistakes. He also was a bit defiant and countered some police reports. But why was he on Irvin’s radio show? I think I know why.

There is no secret that a lot of Cowboys fans listen to his radio show. That makes sense. It is also well known that Irvin is still very close to owner Jerry Jones. No secret there.  Was this a public relations stunt, led by Jerry himself?

Ed Werder, an ESPN reporter, said it is 50-50 if the Cowboys get Pacman. I think it is already a done deal.

“There is no where else I would want to play now. This is it,” Pacman told reporters today after the Irvin show. 

Then Irvin speaks:

“I was against it first but after sitting with him you could tell he is heading in the right place.”

Whoopsie. Did Irvin accidentally spill the beans with that comment?

What was Irvin exactly against at first? He was against Pacman becoming a Cowboy. But, after sitting with him for a mere three hours in a public relations stunt, he thinks Pacman is turning a new leaf. Fine. But it doesn’t really matter.

Werner reported that Jerry is mostly concerned with the public relations hit he will take for trading for Pacman. So, is it possible Jerry asked Irvin to interview Pacman in a public relations stunt to start rolling the ball toward fans accepting Pacman? It’s a theory I think holds its weight against the circumstantial evidence I presented in this post. But when it comes down to it, I don’t think it really freaking matters what Pacman says. He still sounds like a thug, but it doesn’t matter. None of this public relations plan has meaning until he actually becomes a Cowboy and plays a full season as a Cowboy.

When that happens, then we can judge his play and his character with what he says in public. Right now, Pacman is a troubled thug.

However, if the Cowboys can get him at a cheap price, and give him a chance to turn that leaf, I am all for it. There is no risk–other than the media frenzy that would develop if Pacman found himself in trouble again–in giving someone a second chance. If the Cowboys were to drop Pacman if he got in trouble agai, would that cause problems for the team? I am not sure it would. It’s not like he is coming in with a clean slate. He is coming in with a troubled past and a second chance. Why the media would blame the Cowboys for any possible Pacman failure would be inane.

So, Pacman is right. He is on a cliff. And it will be up to him whether he throws himself off it onto a bed of rocks.

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