The Jessica Simpson Jinx Lives On

I debated whether I was going to write this post. I became disgruntled with all of the Jessica Simpson-Tony Romo distractions during the football season. This blog was the first to expose the possible Simpson Losing Jinx: When she is at a game flaunting her blondness, the Dallas Cowboys seemed to lose.

Well, now Simpson has caught the ire of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. The Mavs came back from a 25-point deficit to almost pull out a win against the Lakers last night. And guess who was there? Check below.


I don’t even know why Tony Romo continues to date this onerous woman. He’s the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Why not have a merry-go-round of hot babes? Why commit to just one at such a young age? Why not date or marry Simpson when you retire. In the meantime, enjoy life with multiple women and mixed drinks at opulent clubs. And when the season starts, stay away from them and concentrate on football. Win a Super Bowl for cripes sake.

After that, hop right back on that merry-go-round!!

[Corrected for misreporting score] 

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