Another Reason Why The Philadelphia Eagles Are Evil

There are numerous reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles are one of the NFL’s most evil organizations, but I want to discuss just one of the reasons today.

It’s no secret that the Eagles, Donovan “Baby-girl” McNabb and Terrell Owens didn’t get along. The Eagles suspended Owens for seven games in 2005 for behavior “that was disruptive to the team,” which translates in English as “McNabb is a little girl and you cannot criticize him.”

So, when you suspend a player, that team should eat the results. That includes any money you pay that player. Instead, the Eagles docked Owens’ pay for those suspended games, which in all essence seems fair. But to take away a pre-agreed $2.3 signing bonus is just wrong. He signed. It didn’t work out, rather the Eagles couldn’t make it work, so you eat the loss.

Nope. Not the evil Eagles. Instead, they sue Owens. Now Owens has to pay the Eagles $800,000 for the rest of the signing bonus even though he signed with the team.

Now, I know there are a lot of anti-Owens folks out there but you give me one good reason why this is fair! I want my Cowboys fans to go to this Eagles fan’s blog and tell him why this is complete crap! The Eagles cut him. They made the decision to kick him off the team. But he signed a contract. Owens didn’t ask to be removed. Owens asked to return to the team to play.

Another unbelievable action from the Eagles. Let’s recap: They cheer after a career ending injury to Michael Irvin; they toss missile snowballs with nails in them at Cowboys players and Hall of Fame coach to be Jimmy Johnson; they run up the score when the game is over with seconds left. What’s next, they hire a sniper on Tony Romo? What a bunch of jealous slobs that organization turns out to be after this situation. Try using some of that money to beautify your nasty little blighted city, pals. Every time I walk downtown there I feel like I am getting lice!

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