That No.1 Pick Means What? It Means Darren McFadden For Dallas

With the Miami Dolphins flaunting its No. 1 pick, the Landry Hat decided to review the last decade of top picks. How did these picks turn out? Hopefully, we will get a better idea if what Miami is doing is completely dumb, or superbly intelligent.

1998: Peyton Manning. Grade A+. He has a Super Bowl ring and Miami would love to have this guy.

1999: Tim Couch. Yeah, not quite Ryan Leaf, but Couch is better off sitting on one.

2000: Courtney Brown. Injuries slowed him down after a promising rookie season. I’d say flop.

2001: Michael Vick. He was never going to win the team a Super Bowl, but I don’t think he was a flop. He was a great athlete. But his penchant for dog fighting makes him one embarrassing catch. He’s been thrown to the sea now. Bye.

2002: David Carr. S U C K S. The trend isn’t looking too great so far for that top pick, is it?

2003: Carson Palmer: Certainly a top 8 quarterback. It is still hard to say where this guy is going to go, but at least he is still a starter and well liked. He has opportunity to do well still

2004: Phillip Rivers/Eli Manning: I’d say these guys are pretty equal so it doesn’t really matter in the long run who got who. Both are OK. Manning seems to be stepping into a mold his father gave him. Rivers is just a prick but he plays hard. I’d say a lot of teams would be happy with one of these guys.

2005: Alex Smith. SO far, not good. San Fran is really relying on this guy and he just can’t seem to pull it together.

2006: Mario Williams. Come on, why the hell isn’t this guy in the Pro Bowl. This was a good pick. He just needed to warm up.

2007: JaMarcus Russell: Who knows, right?

Over all, I think Miami might be doing itself well if they traded the top pick. Even if Dallas takes Darren McFadden, it is a complete risk. Not one running back has been selected at the top pick once in this decade. That surprised me. This is going to be a very interesting off season folks.

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