Did Patrick Crayton Lie on the Michael Irvin Show?

With 21 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Dallas Cowboys were losing to the Giants by four points. The Cowboys were on the 23 yard line. The ball was snapped and within three seconds Tony Romo threw a pass to Patrick Crayton. The pass was about a yard out of Crayton’s reach. So close. But on the replay, you see Crayton hesitating to run the full route. He stops for a split second. If he doesn’t do that, the pass very well could have been completed and the game is over.

Crayton, who pretty much guaranteed the Cowboys would win, avoided talking to the press until today on the Michael Irvin Show. He was asked about that route and if it was intended to be a “9 route.”

“No it wasn’t. It was actually a seven route that I kind of adjusted. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get on the corner (Corey Webster) quite as easily, on top of him. A seven route is about a 16-17 yard out route. As I got on top of him, I was able to get his arm down, and I got on top of him and I was like ‘should I break out and let him sit underneath or go ahead and go?’ That slight hesitation cost me that extra yard I probably needed.”

Now, let’s watch the video of that play:

To me, I don’t see Crayton attempting an out route. I see him stopping the route, seeing the ball thrown to him, and then restarting the route. I don’t believe him. Crayton also talked about his dropped ball on third down that possibly could have gone for a touchdown earlier in the fourth quarter. Crayton said if he catches that ball, the drive is extended, and the Giants wouldn’t have gotten the ball back to score, which they did.

How upsetting is this, especially considering he guaranteed a win?

“It is very upsetting because I think, I don’t know, I wish I wouldn’t have hesitated one bit. I had a drop and I had that one play and I guess people expect me to retract my words. That’s not me. I am not ever going to bite my tongue … I said it because that’s the way I believe. Now if we were sitting on the other end of this and we win this game then what else are people going to be saying to me?”

Uhh, Crayton, you didn’t win this damn game. You’re a big reason the Cowboys lost this game. Usually, Mr. Crayton, when one gets a healthy contract extension, you play better; you improve; you help your team win the big games. I hope next year that you can keep your mouth shut. I don’t see the Patriots players opening their mouths like juvenile, bald-headed idiots. Even some of the most exuberant Cowboys didn’t talk as much garbage as you did this year, Mr. Confident.  Have you learned your lesson? Leave the trash talking to me, Crayton. Leave it to me.

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