Dallas Cowboys Have Improved Enough for Super Bowl Win

The Dallas Cowboys very well may bring home a sixth Lombardi Trophy, which would be an NFL record. The team has improved on every statistical category from last year. Let’s take a look:



  • 17th in Total Rushing Yards: This would have been higher if not for the final, meaningless game of the season when the Cowboys rushed for one yard.
  • 10th in Rushing TD’s: Not bad for a two-back system.
  • 7th in Yards per Carry
  • 16th in Yards/Carry on attempts 1-10: This is highlighted because these are Julius Jones‘ carries.
  • 5th in Yards/Carry on attempts 11-20: This is highlighted because these are mostly Marion Barber’s carries.
  • 17th in Rushes for over 10 yards
  • 23rd in First Downs per Rush
  • 8th in Stuffs: Julius Jones has been stuffed a lot.
  • 11th in Stuffs/Carry
  • 16th in % of 1st down when running on 3rd down


  • 4th in Total Passing Yards: Please try stopping the offense in the playoffs. Terrell Owens is healthy.
  • 2nd in Passing TDs: Again, bring it. We will overpower you.
  • 7th in Pass Completion %
  • 3rd in NFL QB Rating
  • 17th in QB Rating in 1st Half: Typical slow starts. No one can explain why the Cowboys can’t bring the energy in the first half.
  • 1st in QB Rating in 2nd Half: No one can complain about a second-half team. This is when it counts.
  • 4th in QB Rating in 4th Quarter: Tony Romo has had an amazing year.
  • 4th in Passing Yards/Game
  • 3rd in Pass Plays for over 25 yards
  • 2nd in % First Downs/Attempt
  • 3rd in % Touchdowns/Attempt
  • 8th in % First Downs Passing on 3rd Down
  • 2nd in Yards per Pass Attempt
  • 11th in % Passes Intercepted
  • 10th in Sacks Allowed


  • 8th in Yards after Catch
  • 2nd in Yards per Catch
  • 1st in % First Downs per Catch
  • 3rd in Receiving First Downs
  • 15th in Dropped Passes
  • 2nd in 100 Yard Receiving games (We had 11 games where at least 1 Reciever had over 100 yards)


Total Defense

  • 13th in Points per Game allowed
  • 9th in Yards Per Game
  • 6th in Yards Per Play
  • 19th in 1st Downs per Game
  • 15th in 3rd Down %
  • 3rd in Sacks with 46 (Giants 1st/Pats 2nd with only 1 more than Cowboys)
  • 4th in Passes Defensed
  • 6th in Interceptions
  • 8th in Forced Fumbles
  • 18th in Fumble Recoveries


  • 6th in Rushing Yards Allowed
  • 13th in Yards Per Carry
  • 6th in Rushing Yards Per Game
  • 17th in Rushing TD’s allowed
  • 20th in Rushing 1st Down %
  • 13th in Rushes for over 20 yards


  • 13th in Total Passing Yards allowed
  • 9th in Completion % allowed
  • 13th in Yards Per Game
  • 6th in Yards Per Attempt
  • 8th in Passing TD’s Allowed
  • 15th in Passing 1st Down %
  • 6th in Passes for over 20 yards
  • 5th in QB Rating

Thanks to TEK2000 for pulling these stats together.

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