Terry Glenn Won't be a Factor? Oh Really?

It seems like I am not the only Dallas Cowboys fan who believes Terry Glenn can play an important role in this Super Bowl run. As Bloggin the Boys found today, the Sporting News has followed suit and said Glenn could run under the radar of opposing defenses in the playoffs. Read the piece here. But I will take out the bit on Glenn:

Terry Glenn, WR, Cowboys. After missing the first 15 games recovering from knee surgery, Glenn returned in the regular-season finale. His raw speed allows him to stretch the field better than any Dallas receiver, including Terrell Owens. And with T.O. recovering from a high ankle sprain, Glenn could add an important dimension.

I don’t really care how bad Glenn looked against the Redskins on Sunday. He was thrown to three times. It was raining and the field was a slippery mess. He was just out there to get that football feeling back in his gut. He’s practicing and that’s a good sign. He even took a good hit to his knees last week and came out fine. If Glenn is out there with a healthy Terrell Owens, which appears to be the case as reports are surfacing that he’s out of the boot and recovering well ahead of schedule, and a healthy Patrick Crayton and Jason Witten, there is no telling what is going to happen out on that field. When the passing game clicks, the running game gets stronger. Marion Barber, who hasn’t been offered a contract yet, will be running for one if he wants to stay in Dallas.

Honestly, I don’t care if we play the Seahawks or the Redskins because there are reasons to want to destroy either of those teams. Possibly, the Seahawks might be a more intriguing matchup because of the infamous Tony Romo fumbled snap that lost the playoff game last year. But with the Redskins being a divisional enemy, that sells, too.

You naysayers who think Glenn is worthless, keep thinking that. All it takes is one 50-yard bomb to shut you all up.

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